What could you do with the time you'll save?

Cashless Booking

Our Booking Kiosks eliminate the need for officers to count and hold cash.
Small and easy to mount
Built for the tough correctional environment
Accepts coins or bills
1000 Bill Capacity
Very large coin bin
Top coin drop for fast loading
Credit card reader attachment available
Drop slot for unreadable bills
Integrates with existing PC infrastructure
A counterfeit bill has never been accepted at one of our kiosks
Cashless bonding

Pod Kiosks

Secure Electronic Mail
Orientation Videos
Grievance Module
Off-Site Video Visitation
(with patent pending Eclipse Software)
Medical and haircut scheduling
Inmate Handbook on kiosk
Order Commissary and View Acct. Detail

Lobby Kiosks

Our lobby kiosks eliminate the need for officers to accept money and write receipts
Large 17 inch touch screen
Dell Small Form Factor PC
Rugged 16 gauge welded steel enclosure
Secure tubular locks
Reliable MEI bill acceptors
Dependable thermal printer
MAGTEK credit card reader
Wall-mounted / rear bolting
No external cables or screws
No cost to the facility

No more Release Checks

Virtually do away with the hassle and expense of check writing when an inmate is released
One click of the mouse and one swipe of the card and the inmate has his money
Funds transfer is automatic, no going to a separate website to issue a card
ZERO COST to the facility
Free retail usage as well as free cash back at point of sale
Minimum 24 hour window before weekly fee - gives an inmate opportunity to receive funds with no fee.
Fully Integrated—No chance for keying errors when issuing cards.
Banking grade security including private certificates
Disputes that arise (e.g., lost card, etc.) are between the issuing bank and the former inmate – not the Jail.

Inmate Care Packs

Does an inmate really order what he says?
Inmate Care Packs allows family and friends to order clothing and hygiene items directly.