"The commissary service has been consistently superior from what we've experienced with other providers. The error rate on orders filled is virtually non-existent...In my opinion, the Inmate Direct Kiosk is the best thing to happen to the correctional commissary program since I've been in the correctional business."

Warden Alex Haden
Harris County Prison, GA

"Since we opened our new facility Kimble’s has worked with us to produce more revenue than the county ever imagined while providing an easy to use software that exceeds what we ever thought we would need. The investigative features are great. The detectives love it!"

Captain Tom Banks
Madison County Sheriff's Office, NC

"We are very satisfied with Kimbles. A detention center can get honey buns from any commissary provider, what we were looking for was customer service.
Kimble's goes out of its way to provide that service. Based on our experience with Kimble's, I have no doubt if you went with them you would not be disappointed."

Lt. Donald Anthony
Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office, NC

"You could not go wrong with them. They are a pleasure to work with. If you call, they answer. If you have issues, they fix them.They have made great advancements in every aspect of the commissary business. The software is user friendly and we have almost every feature that they offer."

Captain Marty Reeves
Jail Administrator
Troup County Sheriff's Office